About Connie

Connie Comber is the founder, and Managing Director, of Re-Imagine Business.

She has owned and operated several of her own businesses. She’s also consulted to small and medium-sized businesses, including franchises, for over 15 years.

She is passionate about business. Nowadays, she is devoted to putting the heart back into business and bringing out untapped potential; people and business possibilities.

Connie’s also “been there, done that” in business and knows, from experience, how important it is to get business decisions right. How much it can cost when you get ‘guess-decisions’ wrong. She knows how much reviewing and re-imagining decisions until they’re robust – can make the difference between success and distress.

Connie’s track record encompasses both the public and not-for-profit sectors, as well as senior work in the corporate sector (Coca-Cola Amatil, Woolworths, Berri).

Her portfolio also includes:

  • Research projects, trend monitoring and business reports
  • Business mentoring, coaching (
  • Transition facilitation, (change management)
  • Managing negotiations and mediation
  • Director roles
  • Consulting and facilitation work
  • Seminars and training

Connie has had national roles, including international responsibilities. Across all this experience she has seen the best and the worst of the business world!

Connie and her associates specialise in helping business owners (and managers);

Take the guess-work out of business decisions
Eliminate confused mistakes and unfounded advice
Helping businesses deliver stand-out results and showing total clarity in the direction forward
… fast, reality-tested decision-making …ready to use …Power-driving your 21st Century Business

Connie supports owners and managers in making the best of their business through a better business for everyone – with wonderful results!

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