Re-Imagine Business is, primarily, a specialised coaching & facilitation service for business owners, managers and key staff.

We typically work with companies who want to make better revenues over the next 12-24 months, and who look to do better business in positive ways; staying up-to-date with new trends and tools – and new thinking for the now-Social World of Highly Connected consumers and communities.

Connie Comber is a highly experienced coach and mentor (been there done that business operator) – Connie provides a program tailored to your business.

This includes the new innovative models and methods for operating in today’s changing business world.

[Techniques researched and proven by world-renowned sources like, Harvard Business School, Stanford University, Peter Drucker, Daniel Goleman, Daniel Pink, Chip and Dan Heath, John Mackey and Raj Sisodia, and Tony Hsieh.]

Leaders; owners and managers are rarely trained in the ever-changing skill-requirements of 21st century business. They’re hard-pressed to keep up-to-date with all the new knowledge and advancements.

That’s Re-Imagine Business’ job:
to help you and your organisation stay resilient, creative and one-jump ahead in business.

The Re-Imagine Business program will get really clear about what’s needed for making progress. What we do is very purposeful and strategic.

The program:

  • unpacks the company’s strategy and operations
  • unpacks the mood and mindset, values and vision of the business and its leaders
  • yes, it asks the tough questions; covers the review that lets loose the creative innovation

It makes obvious the

  • action needed – for both the business and its leaders
  • which, in turn, unpacks the budget and resources to take the next steps.

Make no mistake, it DOES require the willingness to act on the transformation that will grow the business.

The work is energising, innovative and effective.

Coaching can be across all aspects of the operation, or, can be specific to supporting management skills e.g. in:

  • effective contract negotiations
  • re-framing for 21st century economic and ‘social’ turmoil
  • managing through tough times
  • planning for the long-term (enduring) business model – holding the positive value
  • ‘value-able’ leadership – exploring new possibilities; leading with socially inspired values
  • mindful management – managing from the ‘inside out’; aligning the inner you to the outer operator

The underlying values in Re-Imagine Coaching are socially responsible business practices.

Connie Comber has coached senior corporate executives – who became CEO’s during her mentorship. She also coaches business owners, [and their senior managers]. Businesses under her mentorship have typically achieved growth, mergers, powerful rationalisations, succession plans and exit strategies.

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