Service to SMEs

Re-Imagine Business is primarily a service for Small to Medium business owners, managers and key staff (but not exclusively.)

Our specialty is introducing and integrating the SCIENCE of good business-making into businesses working through the maze of 21st century business demands.

It’s not about academic theory but practical approaches grounded in Research, Experience and Know-How; backed by the sciences of e.g. Emotional Intelligence, neuro-science, and positive psychology.

21st Century business is not Childs Play

It isn’t some guru’s Top 10 Tips – that’s not about YOUR business

It isn’t your business of old – with a facebook page tacked on

It isn’t your new business with every Wow Wow whizz-bang gizmo you can throw at it

It isn’t One Size Fits All

If you want to get 21st Century business right for YOUR business

You need to become a switched-on business.

That means you need to be doing business in the 21st Century – up-to-date with new business trends and tools – and new business thinking for the now-Social World of Highly Connected consumers and communities.

You need to become connected to the social environment you belong to and do business in.

Re-Imagine Business helps you do that. Re-Imagine Business helps you become a modern socially aware, Socially Intelligent business making good money in a good way.

The BEST part of all – you’ll LOVE being in your business and everyone will love your business.

We specialise in:

  • Taking the guess-work out of business decisions
    Eliminating confused mistakes and unfounded advice
    Helping businesses deliver stand-out results and showing total clarity in the direction forward

… fast, reality-tested decision-making …ready to use …Power-driving your 21st Century Business

(we mostly provide coaching and facilitation services, sometimes, special projects and often speaking and presentations. What we can’t do ourselves we provide through our incredible network of hand-picked providers just right for your business.)

Our Philosophy (Who We Are)

At Re-Imagine Business we are passionate about business, and about business being a creative, beneficial contribution to the world around us. We support owners and managers in making the best of their business through better business for everyone – with wonderful results!