Ever made a GUESS-decision that cost you?


70% of business owners work on gut-feel – and those decisions can HURT.

Imagine if you could TEST big business decisions BEFORE you ‘jump’ ….

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Real Deal Reports are research and surveys being carried out with the SME community to discover what really works for them in growing their business.  The reports then share those findings so you can make your business better, faster.

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Re-Imagine Business is a new service for small to medium enterprises (SME’s).  For owners and managers who know that 21st century business is fast-paced and unpredictable; and that ‘getting it right’ can seem impossible! Imagine that it’s NOT impossible. Re-Imagine Business helps with tested, reliable ways forward  …Read More

Connie Comber is the founder of Re-Imagine Business.  She’s “been there, done that” in business. She knows how important it is to get business decisions right. How much it can cost when they’re not. She believes SME’s need and deserve the best support in the world… Read More