Re-Imagine Business is a refreshing new service for small to medium businesses (SME’s).

21st Century business-as-usual is about rapid technology and fast-shifting goal posts.

Business owners and managers need to be up-to-speed with all-the-latest to make useful decisions for their businesses.

In the real (-SME) world, business drivers can’t possibly do all that themselves.

SME’s need a solution that HELPS – that “takes a load off”.

Re-Imagine Business is the service that can do the keeping you up-to-date for you. We stay on top of the latest trends and business shifts; what’s working and what isn’t.

We know how to test and research what will work for your business – affordably, easily and quickly.

The Re-Imagine Business team knows:

‘Big Brand’ companies rigorously research and test their important business decisions before acting on them. They don’t make changes to e.g. new products and services without doing this.

74% of SME’s we talk to don’t have the time and resources to do the same…

Imagine if there was a way for small to medium companies to test their business decisions; major service changes or product ideas quickly, easily and affordably. AND with rigour.

Re-Imagine Business is an expert group of service providers that does just that!

We specialise in:

  • Taking the guess-work out of business decisions
  • Eliminating confused mistakes and unfounded advice
  • Delivering stand-out results and showing a tested way forward

… fast, evidence-based decision-making …ready to use …Power-driving your 21st Century Business

(we also provide coaching and facilitation services)

We’re Re-Imagining business tools to give the best 21st century service:

Decision-making Trees

A ‘playful’ process for sound decision-making in 21st Century business

SME White Papers

Summarising all THE key research around the world on essential business changes and trends (NO ‘sell’)

Interactive Insight Communities[An insight community is a

– private, online community of the people that matter to your business.

It asks the right questions of the right people in the right ways .

The answers tell a whole new story about your business.

The site is designed and facilitated by research experts with specialised know-how in the SME sector.

This affordable process delivers stand-out results that demonstrates a tested way forward.]

(see also coaching and facilitation services)

Our Philosophy (Who We Are)

At Re-Imagine Business we are passionate about business, and about business being a creative, beneficial contribution to the world around us. We support owners and managers in making the best of their business through better business for everyone – with wonderful results!