Re-Imagine Business is primarily a service for Small to Medium business owners, managers and key staff (but not exclusively.)

Our specialty is introducing and integrating the SCIENCE of good business-making into the maze of 21st century business demands.


A demanding maze of radical shifts; Wall St can fail, you can buy a cup of coffee with your phone and people meet and marry online.

The “rules” have changed; how to sell, where to buy, how to choose – can all change in the blink of a new app.

The world is getting complex; with amazing technology we have new knowledge of ourselves as humans – our DNA, our brain functioning, what motivates us, what makes us happy.

We can’t “control” the future; but somewhere in all that maze lies the way forward. And here’s what some top leaders are saying …

“What’s missing in business isn’t higher IQ’s… it’s wisdom” (Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post)

“Nothing is more important than the ability to be wise and compassionate” (Jeff Weiner, CEO, LinkedIn)

“For Zappos, our vision remains the same: delivering happiness to customers, employees, and vendors” (Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos on the $1.2billion sale of Zappos to Amazon)

Can you imagine?

Wisdom? Compassion? Happiness? These are ‘blue chip’ CEO’s talking?

What’s next; Google’s power-driven by a diet of meditation, emotional intelligence and mindfulness practices? … by the way; guess what??

And, then, there’s new sciences, like Social Physics that turns the world of mega data into predictive trends with a combination of technology, behavioral science and patterns of the social world.


to thrive as a company in the 21st century, knowledge of the social sciences is increasingly core business.

Re-Imagine Business specialises in that interface between the social sciences,

human behaviour, real world commerce and everyday living.

That takes some Re-Imagining.

And that’s what we’re good at; creating practical approaches grounded in Research, Experience and Know-How; cross-checked with the sciences of e.g. Emotional Intelligence, neuro-science, and positive psychology.

(We mostly provide coaching and facilitation services, sometimes, special projects and often speaking and presentations. What we can’t do ourselves we provide through our incredible network of hand-picked providers just right for your business.)

Our Philosophy (Who We Are)

At Re-Imagine Business we are passionate about business, and about business being a creative, beneficial contribution to the world around us. We support owners and managers in making the best of their business through better business for everyone – with wonderful results!